Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Target Practice

Once again, my mistress has seriously underestimated my prowess as a hunter.
 Just because I’ve never actually deposited a bird carcass at her feet does NOT mean that I am incapable of catching the twittering things!
However, she has recently installed an entire flock of imitation crows among the branches of a small tree she keeps captive in the living room.  I assume she expects me to practice my skills on these?
Hopefully in the morning, when she finds every last one of these feathered fakes demolished, she will learn to regard my abilities in this matter with the proper respect! 


  1. Wanted to tell you, this blog is adorable.

    1. Love this to 0:) ;) :)

  2. Oh are quite a hunter..but...well..let's just say thank the Goddess your cute. =^.^=

  3. Oh Grimalkin you have a tendency to get yourself into trouble with your witch don't you? It is good your so cute but when your older I doubt such behavior will be forgiven as easily. Take advantage of your current cuteness! ;)

  4. Grimalkin! Have your witch show you that Hitchcock film "The Birds" It may change your opinion of them...(PS hot buttered popcorn is messy, but it will leave you licking your paws for days. Yum!)

  5. Lol, Grimalkin, Witchy Pooch & I just had to tell you that we love reading your diary about the situations that your witch just happens to get you into. Witchy Pooch says, (even though she's a canine), many times, she can truly relate to your predicaments! You are adorable! :-)

  6. I adore polka 0:) blessed be.