Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Celestial Maintenance Problems

This morning, directly after breakfast I went outside to play in the garden. 
Rapidly, however, the sky darkened and began leaking water at an alarming rate.  
This serious rupture apparently created an electrical problem Up There, because Lights also kept flickering on and off.  

It seems that Gods can't see well in the dark, because They immediately began crashing into the furniture and making a terrible booming racket!

I considered the possibility of one of Them tripping and then tumbling out of the sky and landing on Yours Truly.  “Squished by a God” might look impressive in history books, but I certainly did not want that to be MY epitaph!

I streaked through the garden, then skidded across the porch and  planted myself halfway up the screened entrance to my witch’s cottage.  There I clung for several long minutes, dripping wet and mewing piteously.  She finally had the grace to open the door and pry me off the screen.

And…can you believe it?  My witch was laughing!  She must be powerful indeed that a Heavenly Catastrophe of this magnitude only causes her amusement.

As for this little cat?  Well...  Yours Truly shall be securely tucked under his witch's bed until the Gods get this whole plumbing and electrical problem sorted out!