Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I am so mad!
Apparently last night was the Yule holiday that my witch has been telling me about.  But then this silly woman went off to join her other witch friends and celebrated it without me!
She tried to console me by saying that we could get up at dawn to watch the Yule sun rise, but I don’t see what was so special about it.  I’m up every morning at dawn and this sun didn’t look any different to me than yesterday’s sun or the one before that. 
 I got my revenge while she was gone by destroying the Yule village she had set up on one of tabletops in the parlor.  Little ceramic villagers don’t run very fast, but I still had fun terrorizing them.  One of the residents, in fact, is still cowering under the sofa. I’m betting it will take her until next spring to find and rescue him!


  1. Dear Grimalkin;

    Looks like you've been watching old Japanese horror movies. Catzilla destroys town!

  2. "Oh no!" the villagers shrieked. "It's Catzilla! Run!!!"

  3. No holiday village is complete without a giant cat.

  4. I will NOT let Salem read this one he has left the town alone and i dont want to give him any ideas! he has amused himself with a empty wrapping paper roll for days now and has left the town and tree alone. but the holiday isnt over with yet!

  5. and the familiar, has once again, reigned supreme over the village.

  6. My village is safe from the Grimalkin-monster...for now.

  7. Ahhh I'm still under the sofa!!!!

  8. Dear Grimalkin,
    The cats from Comfrey Cottages greet you! We are so happy to meet you and empathize with your frustrations, at times, with you witch! Ours tries very hard, but collective sigh, humans just have such limitations on their ability to communicate and understand. We love her though! We look forward to visiting with you again soon xx
    Rose Marie, Hyacinth Bouquet aka Boudica, Patrick Star, Wisteria, Earl, Peppermint, Lilac, Cloudpaw, Earl Jr. aka E.J., Violet Joy and Dandelion

  9. My kitties get offended whenever anyone goes out and leaves them