Sunday, December 4, 2011

Defective Toys

I’m in trouble.
I was playing in my tree last night and accidentally knocked off and broke some of the toys my witch had hung along the branches for me.
This morning, she was quite annoyed.  She didn’t even believe me when I tried to blame the older and slower cats.
And honestly, it wasn’t my fault.  Anyone should know better than to make a kitty’s plaything out of such thin glass.  I might have cut my little paws!


  1. Grimalkin I think you should find a new witch who is a little more careful! There is a really nice one down the road who tskes great care with her kitties!!!

  2. Your witch will switch to plastic and cloth Christmas cat toys soon enough. Encourage her.

  3. You know what really helps? Having carpet instead of wood floors. It cushions the fall and makes a wonderful place to sharpen your claws!!

    Love, Scout

    PS -- did you know that there is a water dish below your tree ???

  4. My witch uses shatter free tree toys from walmart. You can always come here and help me disassemble our Yule tree.

    P.S. Wait till the brightly colored paper boxes appear below the tree. They are FUN too!!

  5. Tinker taught me to use the unbreakable things on the lower branches. Although they aren't as bright and shiny, they don't shatter and cause bloody little paws. Keep checking under your tree, there may be as night when your witch leaves you some milk and cookies under the tree! If she tells you they are for Santa, she's fibbing. Oatmeal cookies and milk are good for kitties!