Friday, December 9, 2011

Paper Rituals

My witch has a new hobby.  She brings objects home in bags made of paper, takes them out and proceeds to wrap them in different paper.  
Some of the things she brings home in the paper bags are removed and placed in different paper bags.  She then stuffs more paper on top so the items inside are buried.

When she’s done, she places them under my tree.

At first I thought it was a marvelous new game that she had created for me.  They were under MY tree after all!  So I dove into my new playthings and had a glorious time killing the ribbons and pulling the tissue paper out of each of the bags and shredding it.

However, it seems that I was, once more, mistaken.  At any rate, I was soundly scolded when she discovered the aftermath of my game.  She carefully re-wrapped the objects and found fresh tissue to stuff in the bags.  I was then warned to leave them alone.

So, I created my own “Paper Ritual” and took my frustrations out on the roll of thin paper she keeps next to the toilet.  HA!  Just wait until she finds THAT mess!


  1. You know Grim. This time of year a "Jolly Fat Elf" comes to visit and he may leave you coal.

  2. Grimalkin...I LOVE you! Thanks for helping to keep the smile on my face.

  3. Grimmie, if you really want to give your witch fits, take the tissue out of one of the bags, remove the thing under the tissue, put one of your toys in the bags, replace tissue.

    You should see the humans faces when they find a catnip mouse!

    Banshee, familiar to Laurie

  4. Tee Hee! I love to run and slid across my witch mommy's paper whilst she is in the middle of wrapping these "things" she brings home in bags to put under MY tree! Guess I showed her!

    Midnight, Lady Caer Morganna's familiar

  5. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants! I'm wondering if you've been teaching other cats these same lessons? Natalie@bridgetsdaughter5

  6. Lol ty gimalkin I needed the laugh so much.