Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Meditation (yawn)

Can anyone explain to me why it is that the older and slower cats only seem interested in eating and meditating? 
There they sit, usually in a little patch of sunshine, their paws tucked neatly into their chests in “Kitty Yoga Position”, their eyes at half mast and completely motionless for hours on end. 
How do they do it?
I tried meditating once.
I decided it’s highly over-rated. 
My whiskers kept twitching and, besides which, I couldn’t make my tail hold still. (I swear, the thing had a mind of its own!)   
By the time I’d twirled around enough times, caught it and managed to pin it down, the older and slower cats were extremely irritated with me.
 Psyche, the feline matriarch, even cuffed my ears before stomping away to a “More Tranquil Area of the House.”  She sternly warned me NOT to follow her!
My witch says it takes practice.  Well, the older and slower cats certainly do THAT enough!  They practice all the time. 
I'd rather sprawl my legs out and just relax....


  1. So cute. You'll get used to meditating in time, but in the mean time enjoy your youthful energy!

  2. Aww. You'll get the hang of it. Our kitten has started doing it in the last month or so, it's only a matter of time before you do too! :)

  3. My dear fountain of youthful fur, you are just too full of goodness to be able to stay still. One of these days you'll grow into your loveliness, and then you'll be able to meditate if you choose to.

  4. My comment is posted per one of my cats Jojo (the zen one) He says" Don't worry Grimalkin there is plenty of time to meditate only one chance to be young. You will learn to meditate when your ready and not before." As his Witch I concur...enjoy being your sweet self.

  5. Sprawling and relaxing sounds like the perfect meditation to me! :)

    Of course, I speak as a youngster who can rarely sit completely still for very long...

  6. Just so you know, I identify so much with your meditation issues that I was thinking about you while I wrote, pretty kitty ;-)