Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm so Sweet!

First of all, allow me to explain that my immaculate little white paws are not very adept at typing.  I’m sure that, given time, I will be able to master this skill.  In the meanwhile, my witch has taken upon herself the task of transcribing the entries I make in my diary and posting them in a “blog”.
I am perfectly fine with this.  But, make no mistake, the words are all Mine – not hers!
Therefore, I was understandably flattered and delighted when she informed me that this “blog” had won an award from Debra – She Who Seeks. 
“What’s the award for?” I asked as I mentally ran through the endless list of possibilities: Bravery, Cleverness, Humility, Superior Intelligence, Remarkable Insightfulness… 
My thoughts were interrupted by her response.  “Because you’re so sweet.”
“I am?”  This was one adjective that hadn’t occurred to me.
“Yes, you are!” my mistress laughed and kissed me - which of course prompted a quick bath on my part!
She then showed me a picture of the award – a marvelous confection of strawberries.  I happen to love strawberries!!!
“Let’s go get it,” I said.  “I want to eat it right now!”
She told me that it was a metaphoric picture symbolizing “sweetness”.  After she’d explained to me what “metaphoric” meant, I was at first disappointed.  One definitely cannot eat a metaphor.
“So what do I do with it?” I asked.
My mistress said that we should “pay it forward” to other blogs that we thought were incredibly sweet and wonderful.  And then she also promised to buy some strawberries at the store.
This was a win/win situation – I could eat my strawberries and share them too!
I immediately thought of my friend Magaly – she leaves such sweet and encouraging messages for me whenever I get in trouble.  I have a feeling that if I was HER familiar-in-training, she’d let me eat salmon w/ whipped cream every day and never, ever scold me!  Not only that, I just LOVE the creepy, spooky stories she writes on her Pagan Culture blog.
Also, Amethjera of a Broom with a View.  It is so sweet the way she’s concerned that I might get hurt in one of my outdoor escapades .
I think one should also go to Clara of Witchy Godmother.  She writes sweet stories for children in her blog and, sometimes, when I don’t understand something magical that my own witch is explaining to me, one of Witchy Godmother’s stories will make it perfectly clear.  
And,  I can’t forget Mrs. B and her Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom.  She has been so sweet and encouraging to me ever since I was a bitty kitten and first started keeping this diary.  In fact, she may be the sweetest person I know!
So those are MY nominees.  My mistress agreed, although she had her own reasons – namely that she thought these were some of the best and most interesting blogs she’d run across.
And now my witch and I get to go eat some strawberries! 


  1. Judging from that photo, the whipped cream is your favourite part!

  2. What can I say? The whipped cream was between me and the strawberries!

  3. You ARE so sweet! And those are some great blogs you picked!

  4. Thank you so very much for the award. It is going right on my awards page on top. Hugs and sparkles!

  5. Have I ever told you that you are the sweetest cutest kitty of them all? And the most sophisticated too, for I doubt my taste buds would be able to deal with whipped cream and salmon. I would help you devour the strawberries though... and the cream.

    You deserve this award above all others. I'm sooo happy you got it, and the thought of your reading my stories and enjoying them makes me all giggly. You should come and visit one day. We would eat strawberries and write!

    Thanks sooo much for paying it forward!

  6. Oooooo...Strawberries! But they'll stain your itty bitty, immaculate paws! Kittens are my favorite creatures, you know! Thanks for thinking of me... you can have my whipped cream, but I will wrestle you for the strawberries!