Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Moon is Missing!

I looked in the sky tonight, then did a double-take and looked again.  No wonder it was so dark outside.   My moon was gone!    I went to every window in the house and pressed my nose against the glass.  I tell you: The moon simply was not there.
I even ran to the bathroom and peered into the tub.
Sometimes my witch invokes little moons to come down and float on the water that she bathes in.  I thought perhaps one of her “Purification Rituals” had gone awry and that she’d forgotten to release the moons afterward. 
But no, the tub was dry.
Should I inform my witch that the moon has been stolen?  I don’t wish to alarm her.
  Perhaps whoever took it will bring it back before she notices…


  1. Silly Grimalkin! Hasn't your witch taught you about the moon phases yet? Go ask Pooka, I bet he knows! LOL!

  2. Silly kitten! You'd best get used to it. The moon goes on a little "daycation" every month!

  3. The moon will come back,it was just hiding for a while, like it does every month...But oh, the wondrous things that happen when the moon is dark because the stars shine even brighter!

  4. Merry Meet, Grimalkin!! I followed your paws from Debra She Who Seeks blog, and am very pleased to meet you! So far I am amazed at what I have read of your adventures!!

  5. Lol - very sweet! Congrats on the award from She Who Seeks - I moseyed on over here as a result :)

  6. Yes, you sweet kitty -- come by my blog and pick up your blog award!