Monday, June 13, 2011

Drawing Down the Moon

For some reason, witches get in water on purpose!    They call it a “Purification Bath” and I watched in horror as my own witch subjected herself to this strange torture the other night. 
She said we were preparing to perform a ritual called “Drawing Down the Moon” . 
She lit candles, ran water into the tub, sprinkled salt and then poured in a wondrous potion.  The tub immediately became filled with thousands of little iridescent full moons!  My mistress then divested herself of every stitch of the protective garments that she normally wears and proceeded to immerse herself in the water.
Fascinated, I perched on the rim of the tub and studied this strange enchantment. My naturally inquisitive mind led me to discover that, when I batted a floating moon with my paw, it would mysteriously explode, disappear and then others would shift to take its place.  I was witnessing a microcosm of the universe!
Suddenly, my hind paws slipped.    I found myself submerged in water and moons up to my scrawny neck!   Yours Truly was in Serious Danger of drowning and I told my witch so in a very loud voice.    Suddenly this big tub filled with little moons was NOT fun!
She lifted me out, dried me off with a towel and then applied ointment and bandages to her legs, hands and arms.  I was, naturally, rather zealous in my efforts to save myself.
After this experience, I’ll observe her Purification Baths from a safe distance, Thank You Very Much!  She can draw down those silly little moons by herself from now on. 
Personally, I have been traumatized for life!


  1. I'll have to be sure read this to the two cats in my soon as they decide to wake up and pay attention. ;)

  2. Congratulations on your purification bath initiation! Every witch's familiar partakes of this secret some point...and they all live to tell, although many do not have their own blogs to do so!

    Blessed Be and stay dry!

  3. Oh poor kitty!, will you forgive me for laughing?

  4. Poor poor wet kitty. I, too, am laughing. You will survive this 'horror' my dear.

  5. Oh My Goddess! My you're good at getting yourself into trouble! I suppose you are not very fond on the water element. I am also laughing. ~ Witchy
    P.S. for some reason my name isn't working when I post on here.

  6. Holy Ravioli this blog is brilliant. Little cat, you have quite the excellent writing style.

    (Little kitty boo who has adopted me is not a water cat, either.)