Saturday, June 25, 2011

Midsummer Madness

Mindful of my duties as a Familiar-in-Training,  I followed my witch and her Cronies into the garden yesterday.  Although I was fully prepared to assist in their Midsummer Festivities, the searing heat quickly changed my mind.  (I even spotted a few fairies under the bushes fanning their little faces with leaves.  That was a first!)   
I consider myself to be extremely fit and athletic.  Nevertheless, I confess that I soon collapsed in the shade on the front porch, panting like a young lion.

Meanwhile, there was my silly mistress and her friends, still out capering and celebrating beneath the blazing sun.  I’d have concluded that witches must be impervious to the heat – except for the fact that they were all very red faced and their skin was leaking water at an alarming rate.  This was truly Midsummer Madness!
It occurred to me that none of them are exactly kittens anymore.  I fully expected one of the witches to topple over at any moment taking the others with her in a domino effect…and then what would I do?  Call 911?  Get the dogs to assist me in dragging their limp carcasses into the pond, one by one, to revive them? 
You can imagine my extreme state of agitation and concern as I pondered the various courses of action!
I finally decided upon the only sensible solution… I closed my eyes and took a nice, long nap.

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  1. Oh my! Summer Solstice was a hot one indeed. Taking cat naps is just about all that can be done under the heat of the sun. :)
    ~ Witchy