Wednesday, June 15, 2011


 It wasn’t my fault! 
And who the heck makes tables with only 3 legs?  They’re dangerous – especially when a kitty comes racing into a room and lands on top of one.
Over went the table and every blessed object that was on it ...including me!  
As I sat in the midst of the rubble, my head swimming and congratulating myself on escaping any injury, my witch came rushing in.  She stopped on the threshold and surveyed the damage.
I was on the verge of assuring her that everything was fine because I hadn’t been hurt, when she suddenly wailed: “Grimalkin!  My favorite mirror!”
I glanced down at the shards of thick glass mingled with the rest of the debris.
“That’s seven years of bad luck for YOU, mister!” she said sternly.
Me???  It was her mirror!  Why should I have the bad luck?
Then I saw the look on her face and realized it was because it will probably take her that long to forgive me.


  1. It's ok, it could happen to anyone. Perhaps you could give your witch a pamplet on kitten proofing her cottage?

  2. Oh Grimalkin I'm so glad you weren't injured! Perhaps you were overcome by the beautiful full moon tonight!

  3. Oh Grimalkin luv, I'm sure she forgave you before it even happened. She loves you so and if you saw a strange look on her face, she was probably just still trying to figure out if you were okay. l

    In any case, give her lots of sandpaper tongue kisses, those always cheer me up. Getting a job and buying a new mirror might work too. I'll tell you if I hear of anyone hiring a cute kitty!