Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Rightful Place

My witch is finally giving me the respect that I deserve.  Today, she placed a statue of me on her altar. She even placed a sprig of catnip in front of my likeness as an offering to me.  (I could get used to this!)
The image is a quite stylized approach and rather nice, but the artist was apparently unable to do justice to my excellent markings and immaculate little white paws.  He therefore resorted to coloring my statue in black with gold trim.  However, I’ll forgive him since only the Gods could create such an intricately patterned coat such as mine.  Humble as I am, I’m content to have even a crude semblance of myself in this place of honor! 
But why does my witch keep referring to my image as “Bastet” instead of “Grimalkin”?  It must be a new term of endearment that she’s invented for me…


  1. Shhhhhh...'Bastet' is your ritual circle name...;)

  2. Good grief! I wonder if your little head is not getting too big. The statue is black... ofcourse it's Pooka!!! ;-p

  3. Pooka! I suppose you are right but Pooka doesn't wear gold or so I think. :)

  4. Pooka? But he's one of the older and slower cats! Why would his image be on the altar instead of Mine? I'm sure the coloring is simply an unfortunate coincidence!