Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pendulum Games

My witch has been disturbed lately… pacing back and forth and brooding.  If I didn’t know better, I’d think she was expecting kittens!
Finally, tonight, she lit some candles on the altar, made some stinky smoke and got out her pendulum.  She obviously needed a fun distraction from whatever was worrying her.
For those of you who aren’t aware, a pendulum is a wonderful device that, when suspended between the fingers, swings back and forth and becomes a marvelous game for you and your witch to play together.   The game is simple:  Once it starts swinging, she tries to hang on to it and you try to snatch it away.
I watched as her pendulum dangled and sparkled in the candlelight.   Then, as it began to swing and take on a life of its own… I pounced. 
Never was a kitty as ferocious as I!  My claws ripped the helpless pendulum from her fingers and then dragged the unwary creature under the table where I swiftly proceeded to kill it.
My witch sighed and picked up its limp corpse.  Score one for ME!
She then proceeded to begin Round Two.  She held it between her fingers and stared at it…the thing began to move...back and forth and back and forth and…  I pounced again!  Once more I tore it from her grasp. This time, I made it completely across the room with my victim before she caught us.  I was  clearly winning!
In a fit of frustration, my mistress put the game back in its box.  I had no idea that witches were such sore losers!


  1. Awww...well we (witches) can be little stubborn about certain things. I think as her familiar some serious cuddling and purring are required on your part. Maybe next time you play pendulum you can let her win ;)

  2. Young Kitty Grim, I think instead of killing the sparkly thing, that would have been a great time to show you witch that you can meditate - even for a little bit.

    I know, I know, it was taunting you to kill it. Trust me, I know. Kitty Boo and her raptor claws like to kill pretty much ANYthing that moves!

  3. Oh dear... how to take care of that? Hmmm Maybe your witch is annoyed that you are too impatient. If you could wait about 2 minutes before you pounce, I think she'll enjoy the game better!

  4. I wonder what happened to my comment, Grim? Did you hit "delete" by mistake?

  5. You're growing into such a handsome fellow, Grimalkin!