Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What to do with a Sick Witch?

With an entire arsenal of potions and herbs at their fingertips, who’d ever suspect a witch could get sick?
Yet here mine is, red eyed and red nosed, hacking and coughing while filling receptacles with spent tissues that are too yucky for even a dog to dig out and play with.  All in all, it’s pretty disgusting.
The Heavens know, I’ve done my best to help! 
As she lay in bed, I parked on her chest (where the trouble seemed to be primarily located) and attempted to purr my Healing Magic into her. 
Ungrateful wretch!   She compared my delicate weight to that of a fat elephant and then had the audacity to sneeze in my face!
A kitty can only take so much.   I promptly moved out of range and onto the nice warm area where her head met the pillow.  Perhaps from here, I could influence her mind to make the body better?  I closed my eyes, meditated and purred.
My mistress was totally uncooperative.  She quickly rolled over and dislodged me.
Well!  If she insisted on refusing my help and succumbing to her illness, the least she could do was fill my food bowl first and clean the indoor box that she insists I relieve myself in!
However, when I made this gentle suggestion (pressing my nose against hers and meowing loudly to be sure she heard through her diseased haze) she only batted me away and groaned to be left alone.
And so, my fellow kittens, I ask you: What DO you do with a sick witch?  I’m at my considerable wit’s end!


  1. I'd say to persevere. Keep giving your witch your purring magick and she will get better and will really appreciate your magick, and give you scratches and maybe a treat.

  2. Keep pouring, I mean purring on the love little kitty. Give the magicks a chance to work and she will be better soon enough. And tell her I hope she feels better soon!

  3. Be more persistent. Ill witches are not capable of thinking correctly. Keep her warm by laying on or against her. Make sure the potions she is drinking are suitably healing by drinking some of them. And if she's ignoring you and laying in bed instead of feeding you, throw up her her blankets. That always works with my witch.


  4. Her Royal Highness sez: "Poop in her shoes. It's my answer to everything."

  5. Healing takes time. Just continue purring and snuggling with her and soon enough she will start to feel better. But try not to lay on her chest too much because it may make it hard for her to breath in her weakened state.

  6. Look on the bright side - at least when she gets better she may realize you've made progress in learning meditation! I guess the importance of needing to help your sick witch gave you a strong focus...

  7. I suggest lying next to her, not on her, first of all. That way you can try to work your healing magic and giver her warmth and comfort.

    As for food and the litter. Be patient. She will get hungry and go for food and discover you need more, too. If she doesn't try to eat sonme of hers. You can surely use the litter box for a few extra days before she is strong enough to clean it. Or maybe you can sit on the edge of the toilet and go in there? Think of it as a challenge.

    Don't take it personally if she sneezes in your face. It can't be helped. My cat has sneezed in my face even!

    I hope your witch feels better soon!

  8. My suggestion is to lay on her feet. If your Witch is anything like me,if she has a fever her feet will be freezing so I would focus on that area to offer comfort. Don't worry just being near by is enough to let your Witch know you want her better. I hope she gets well soon.=^.^=

  9. Sit you down
    beneath a chair
    and send your healing
    purrs from there.

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