Sunday, October 9, 2011

Strange Activities

I’m beginning to suspect that witches are inherently unstable and frighteningly unpredictable.
Let me explain that my mistress is usually rather fastidious when it comes to housekeeping.  In my opinion, this is as it should be.
Yesterday, however, instead of dusting the cobwebs from the ceilings of the cottage, she actually stood on a ladder and added TO them.  And I’m not speaking about a single strand here and there... Oh no!   Great masses of webs are now strung and hung everywhere. 
And, instead of sweeping up the dead leaves tracked in from outside, she has deliberately scattered armfuls of them around the tables, across the mantle and even on her altar!
But, here’s the really odd part, kittens:  After that, she went OUTSIDE and raked up the leaves that had fallen naturally on the lawn (where they DO belong) and then tidily disposed of them.
The older and slower cats have calmly informed me that this strange madness affects my witch every year around this time.  They’ve assured me that in a week or two she will indeed recover.
I wish I could share their confidence.  I am determined to keep a very close eye on her for any further signs of suspicious activity…


  1. This wild and magickal time of year is called Hallowe'en, Grimalkin! All witches love it because there is a particular night known as Samhain, when their ancestors return from across The Veil...Your feline ancestors may visit as well. Tinker, my familiar who cross the veil nearly a decade ago has come back to visit me and we've had a wonderful time reminiscing. Don't be too hard on your witch, she'd just getting in the 'spirit' of things!

  2. Don't worry about it Grimalkin. Eventually you'll come to understand your Witch and her seasonal quirks (we all have them, believe me).