Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ostara - the Bunny & Egg Holiday

Another holiday!  Why do witches have so many?  I’ve lived here for almost a year now and it seems like every time I twitch a whisker, there’s another celebration we must prepare for.  There’s absolutely no downtime!
This one is called “Ostara” or “Eostre” after some racy Goddess of yore.  It must have something to do with eggs and rabbits because my mistress suddenly took it into her head to position a great quantity of both, along with fresh flowers, around the house.  As if there wasn’t enough clutter already!
I will admit that, usually, her holiday arrangements are tasteful and artistic… But when she starts scattering cute little ceramic bunnies about the place, I really must put my paw down! 
I’m sure we can do better than this!
So I ventured across the road and into the hills this morning (at grave risk to life and tail) and used my incredibly sensitive nose to sniff out the real thing for her.
When I journeyed back to the front door, mewing proudly and loudly as I could past the mouthful of real bunny fur, I was fully prepared for my witch to come running out in a high state of excitement.
What I was NOT prepared for was that she would begin to throw the gardening slippers that she keeps by the door at me!
In my astonishment, I dropped the bunny.  The uncooperative creature  began to hop away.  I turned to give chase and that was when my mistress  performed the Most Unspeakable Act!  She actually grabbed me by my tail and then dumped me inside the house on the wrong side of the screen door!
She then began chasing the rabbit around the garden, flapping her apron at it.  Did she think the bunny was going to obligingly hop into her apron?  Humans are Terrible hunters!  Naturally, the rabbit got away.
Which just goes to show how much Witches need their Familiars…  Now, if only they would let us do our job!


  1. LOL Grimalkin you sound just like my kitty. I love reading your blogs and keep up the good work with your witch.

    Love and Light,

  2. Grimalkin, understandably you are upset with your Witch. She obviously needs some training in the finer points of sabbat decorating. Perhaps you could try again, with say, a mouse or a squirrel, or are there gophers around your place? With Beltane coming soon, the more the merrier. Happy Hunting and Decorating!!

  3. Oh, Grim, you always mean well. Better luck next time!

  4. Oh my dear nephew, first, how I've missed you. It is so good to have you back. Then, I know you are learning the ways of your Witch, but I'm sure in your lessons you've seen that must of the things we do are ritualistic--we are not into killing things for sport (in this case, for decoration). It is okay when you hunt to eat, for that is the way of nature, but your Witch will probably stick to the chocolate.

    I'm sending you HUGE spring hugs, and inviting you to my own spring celebration (which is almost over, but that's okay) if you get there before April 17th, you can enter over 13 giveaways ;-)


  5. Sigh...We witches are an unpredictable lot and seemingly never satisfied! I know you meant well when you used your superior hunting skills to capture that bunny for your witch, and having a real bunny present was a wonderful gesture on your part!