Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Tree for ME

My witch is WONDERFUL!

Realizing my frustration with the weather outside, she has brought a tree for me INSIDE!  Not only that, she has hung all sorts of shiny toys upon its branches for me to play with.

She must not be aware of my amazing ability to see in the dark because she also illuminated the tree with tiny lights.  I’d have explained that this was not necessary, but she went to so much trouble (and seemed so pleased with the results) that I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.


  1. What a lucky kitty you are! I am going to have to come and visit. Hugs - Rufus

  2. Have fun climbing the Tree o' Cat Toys!

  3. Lol....reminding me of Shrek the Halls and Puss!

  4. Oh, Grimalkin, what fun you will have. It will make your witch happy to see you play with the lovely tree!


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