Friday, April 22, 2011

Divinity has its Price

My witch hates me!
Every familiar-in-training knows that a bell rung announces Sacred Time.
However, a few days ago (after a particularly good hunt, I might add) my witch decided to install a bell around my neck!
Now, as a cat, I’m full aware that my lineage goes straight back to many feline gods….. But must we announce Sacred Time with every step I take?
It’s most annoying – on top of which, the bell alerts every bird in the area of my presence.
My witch has clearly taken leave of her senses and I will make my displeasure known… right after supper.


I must admit I’ve grown rather attached to this bell on my collar. It resonates with a delicate musical ting-a-ling as I trot about and the other, inferior creatures definitely take notice whenever I pass by.
It came off today and I found myself desperate to have it back on. My witch found me rubbing my face and neck on the collar that lay on the floor, trying to re-attach the bauble myself.
She took pity on me and I sat very still as she re-fastened it about my neck.
I have realized that the bell must be a Magical Talisman that my witch has granted me. I will never lose it again!


  1. Aren't you a lucky girl to have that magic talisman!

  2. I'm glad you realized you witch loves you and wanted to give you some magical bling-ding. How cool is that? She must be awesome. I'm so happy Sarita, from A College Girl's Days, told me about your blog. I love your voice!

  3. Thank you, Magaly. I admit that I'm rather fond of my voice also...especially at 3am when the rest of the household are trying to sleep!

  4. There's just something about bells, really. You hear the sound of a bell ringing and you smile.

    Or at least I do. :)

    Congratulations on your magickal, musical collar.

  5. awww you are sooo cute! Good luck with your training.