Friday, April 8, 2011

Water Element

The older cats refused to play with me today so I climbed up to visit the bird that my witch keeps in a cage hanging in her bedroom. The cage came crashing down bringing me and the bird with it! My witch was mad and shot me with a squirt bottle filled with water. Psyche, the feline matriarch, spanked me on the butt with her paw as I ran from the scene!
After that, I needed a nice meditation to calm myself, so I went out and perched on the rocks that border the fish pond. However, as any normal kitten would be, I was distracted by the fish swimming around. Fascinating creatures! I climbed out onto a further rock to get a better look.
The next thing I knew, both the rock and I were in the water and the fish were looking back at me!
My witch pulled me out of the pond and this time she was laughing. I think the fish were laughing too. Let me tell you, being soaked from whiskers to tail is NOT funny! I left very quickly and with as much dignity as I could, hopping and shaking my hind paws with every step.

Magical Lesson for the Day: My witch says there are 4 magical elements. I have decided that Water is not my favorite!

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  1. I loved this short story I love the cat I am a cat person