Friday, April 8, 2011


My witch has suggested that it would be beneficial to my studies if I kept a journal of my lessons and progress as a Familiar-in-Training. Since I’m determined to excel in my future career, I have decided to heed her advice. Besides, I am sure other kittens newly joining the ranks of pagan households will, no doubt, benefit from my experiences and acquired wisdom!
I shall begin by introducing myself:
My name is Grimalkin – an archaic term meaning “Grey Cat” (which I am) and, in the past, was often used to describe a witch’s familiar (which I will be someday). Not very imaginative, perhaps, but definitely appropriate. In fact, I’m rather proud of my name!
I was rescued from the side of a lonely country road where I’d been dumped in a box along with my siblings.
Recognizing at once my superior intelligence (and, perhaps, also attracted by my excellent markings and immaculate little white paws) the witch who discovered us decided to keep me and undertake my training. Suitable, less interesting homes were found for my siblings.
My new residence, an old house surrounded by tall trees and a large garden, is shared with 3 other cats, all much older and slower than I. There are also 2 dogs - who knows Why??? – but they are easily talked into a game of tag or wrestling and thus much more fun than the older and slower cats who spend most of their time sleeping!
There is also a snake with whom I hold long conversations and a bird that often rides on my witch’s shoulder. The bird would be fun to play with, but for some reason my mistress forbids it and becomes quite angry when I attempt to liberate the poor thing from its cage. (The silly bird does not appreciate my efforts on its behalf either!)
So, that is our household. Enough about them and on to MY adventures! I’m sure I will have many to record in the days to follow…


  1. I'm sure your siblings will enjoy living with their muggle families, but clearly you were meant for better things!

  2. Debra, I must commend you on your wisdom and insight for I totally agree with you!

  3. Hi Grimalkin,

    I just found your diary and have read it front to back.

    You are very brave and adventurous on top of being brilliantly intelligent and ridiculously adorable.

    I look forward to your diary entries.


  4. What an adorable creature you are Grimalkin! Obviously intelligent with alot of attitude, which, is certainly why you keep your Witch on her toes!

    I too, just discovered your diary, and am looking forward to reading future entries!

    Hang in there Kiddo.... you will learn (maybe)!

    By the way.... I also have 4 cats in my family, none as handsome as you!