Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lessons in Herbs

My witch harvested herbs today and I helped her by sorting and rearranging the bundles in her basket.  (Not that she appreciated my efforts!)
She lectured me a great deal as we worked, thus furthering my education. I payed close attention and took meticulous notes:
Raspberry leaves, she said, are good for pregnant ladies who are expecting kittens.   
Strawberry leaves are for teenagers who have bumps on their faces.
Chamomile, she added, makes a wonderful hair rinse for golden hair like hers. 
Note to self:  Witches must be color blind because even I know there’s a big difference between gold and silver!
Nightshade berries, she said, are for Hecate and Dark Moon rituals.  She caught me batting around and chasing a few that had fallen  out of her basket and snatched me up with a stern warning.  They must be dangerous indeed – only to be handled by experienced witches….not little familiars-in-training like me. 
Magical  Lesson:  Just because an herb is pretty and looks like a plump, juicy morsel, doesn’t mean it’s  tasty or safe to play with!  Check with your witch…


  1. Yes, some people do become color blind as they age. Or anyways, they become color blind where their hair is concerned. Funny how that works.

  2. Good advice on the magic lesson!

  3. how do the strawberry leaves work? what do you have to do? I have a teenager, you see, Grimmy! ;)