Thursday, May 5, 2011

Air Element continued: "A Frightening Adventure"

After breakfast this morning, I scampered outside to play. Feeling quite brave, I ventured beyond my normal boundaries. After all, I had my bell-talisman to protect me!
Some distance away, I found a yard with a huge pine tree. I’d heard that high in the skies was the kingdom of the Gods of Air and, armed with my talisman, I determined to visit them. I climbed very high and then higher still.
A pair of giant crows flew in my face and loudly cawed a warning against going further. I must have been entering the Lands of the Gods and these were Their Guardians. Since the crows looked so big and angry (and their beaks looked so sharp!) I decided to heed their advice.
I began my descent – then realized I’d forgotten the way down!
Tree limbs, large and small, extended in every direction, each covered with a curtain of pine needles. As I tried pushing past them, my belled-collar got snagged and immediately the clasp released. I watched in horror as my talisman plunged down and out of sight.
I was defenseless!
I plopped my butt down and wailed for my witch to rescue me but my cries only alerted some dogs in the yard below. They gathered around the base of the tree, barking furiously. I was trapped. So I hunkered down and waited…and waited….and waited.
The blazing sun beat down on my fur and I longed for a cool drink. I’d missed lunch and my tummy growled as fiercely as the dogs now lying at the base of the tree.
Still I waited. I knew my witch would find me … and eventually she did.
When I still hadn’t returned by supper time, she started combing the neighborhood. I heard her calling and answered (rather calmly, considering the circumstances): “I’m trapped! For the Gods' Sakes, Save me!”
She found my tree and used her powers to chase off the dogs, then ordered a man to fetch a ladder.
Then…the most amazing thing! Employing the same psychic abilities she used to locate me, my witch discovered my magical belled collar among the pine needles at the base of the tree. She lifted it up and rang the bell. I discovered I could follow the sound and navigate my way through the maze of branches toward it. It reallyWAS a talisman and it was leading me toward my witch and safety at last!
I climbed down and down, my claws slipping and sliding the whole way. The setting sun blinding me at intervals… 'til at last I saw a corrugated flat metal garage roof below.
I hopped to the roof with a sigh of relief. In the distance, I could see the man coming with the ladder.
Food! Water! My stomach growled fiercely and my throat was parched. I’d been all day in that tree without eating or drinking.
The man put his ladder against the side of the garage… but suddenly, I realized there was something else I hadn’t done all day!
I evaded his outstretched hand as he perched on the ladder and made my way to a discreet spot at the opposite end of the garage roof. There I dug a hasty hole in the pine needles….
A few moments later, and relieved in more ways than one, I allowed myself to be rescued.

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