Thursday, May 26, 2011


(Witch's Note:  Sorry.  I'm just now getting around to transcribing Grimalkin's entry in his diary from the beginning of the month.)
Today my witch and her friends created a wonderful playground for me!  They erected a tall pole in the garden and then attached colorful ribbons which danced and waved in the breeze. 
What fun I had!  I climbed the pole, chased and shredded the ribbons and then won the game by capturing and knocking down the silly floral wreath they’d stuck on top of the pole.
For some reason, however, they were not impressed.  
Before I could twitch a whisker, I was scooped up and banished within the cottage.  All I could do was press my nose against the screen door and watch pitifully as music played, bells tinkled and everyone danced outside.  It was horribly unfair!
Finally, an absent minded guest, going through the door, failed to notice me simultaneously slipping out beneath her skirts.  I scampered joyfully over to the dancers and had a rollicking good time.  I managed to trip almost every one of them! 
HA!  That will teach these silly witches not to take their Beltane festivities so seriously.

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  1. I'll be the other cats were embarrassed for you Grimalkin! you just keep on having fun while you can. :)