Thursday, May 5, 2011

Air Element

Day One: Trees
I discovered trees today. I found that I can run straight up the sides of them, totally defying gravity. However, I had a slight problem with my reverse gear. My witch had to walk over and lift me down to safety. Someday, I shall conquer these leafy giants.

Day Two: On the Roof
An ivy covered tree grows next to the overhanging roof of the porch on our cottage. The vines are easy to grab and use to shimmy upward. Once on the roof, the wind lifts your fur and tickles your whiskers. You can lie on the warm tiles beneath the sun and startle the stupid sparrows that land in the nearby branches.
Eventually, however, its supper time, and you must alert your witch who then stands on a stool to help you off the roof.

1 comment:

  1. My boy will only go so far up a tree trunk until he jumps off. I am not sure why. He does not appear to be afraid of heights as I he will get on tall things in the house :)

    Keep practicing and soon you will be able to come down by yourself :)