Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Lesson in Combined Elements

This afternoon I was outside playing when suddenly “nature called”.   
I was on the back patio of the cottage so the nearest patch of soft dirt was in one of the large terra cota pots  that my witch keeps her plants captive in.   I dug a tidy little hole and settled down to do my business.
I thought I was only pooping, but suddenly a heavy stream of water invaded my hole.  I poked my face up through the leaves of the plant and there was my silly mistress….with a hose!
I must admit, she looked as startled as I was, but I still think she picked a heck of a time to water the plants!
Magical Lesson for the Day – My witch says earth and water elements are magically compatible.  But sometimes when you mix earth and water, you just get runny poop on your paws.


  1. lol! Sounds like you shouldn't "do your business" in her plants then. It also sounds like quite a mess.

  2. Ha cool make sure to shower after that