Friday, May 13, 2011

Another Flying Lesson

Gloomy day…rainy, windy, cold. I thought Beltane was supposed to mark the beginning of the Summer half of the year?
My spirits picked up, however, when my witch got out her broom. She was obviously taking advantage of the weather to offer me another flying lesson!
With intense concentration, I studied her movements from the doorway as she swished the vehicle around the kitchen floor.
Finally, I dashed into the room and made a near-perfect landing on the bristled end. I hung on for dear life as the broom flew out of her hands and across the kitchen. I was flying! My mistress, however, was not quick enough to join me.
The broom dropped and clattered to the floor, lifeless. I jumped off and poked my nose among the bristles. Maybe its battery was dead?
“Grimalkin!” exclaimed my witch.
I looked up at her in bewilderment. Had I done it wrong?
My witch picked the broom up again and repeated her rhythmic movements across the kitchen. I crouched and watched, timing my leap with the utmost care. I didn’t even complain about the amount of dirt and dust she was gathering during our Lesson. I was determined to get it right!
However, this time, I lost my grip and went rolling across the floor, right through a pile of dirt. She sighed and used the broom to gather up the scattered pile and swept it into a dust pan. I thought she was getting it out of our way, but then the broom and dustpan were both put back in the closet.
My witch was clearly disappointed with me. At first I felt ashamed. But then I watched in astonishment as she filled a bucket with sudsy water, dunked a mop in it and began swishing THAT around the floor.
She had to be kidding! What self-respecting familiar rides a mop?


  1. I love following your adventures. It makes me smile on days I really need one!

  2. awe Ameth...may all your days be "smile" ones!