Monday, May 16, 2011

Fearless Predator!

Yesterday I practiced my hunting skills on Something Big …not just the flannel mice and ping pong balls that my mistress lets me bat around. Those are for babies!
I am big and fierce … a wild jungle cat with terrible fangs and long, dangerous claws. I creep stealthily upon my prey. I pounce with lightening speed and deadly accuracy. I am totally fearless in the face of my foe! Afterward, I ate my kill. The moth was surprisingly crunchy.


  1. Perhaps it was the moths chainmail that made it so crunchy??? LOL

  2. Oh yes! I hope moths are the only prey you seek. Sometimes my cat personally disgusts me but what can you do. lol! Maybe the moth was a knight off to conquer an enemy of the great moth kingdom? This would explain the chainmail.